11 Best virtual boyfriend apps for iOS & Android

Today, many young people are shy and they do not know how to start talking with the opposite sex. And there are those who are simply tired of stupid boys and want to find a new understanding friend.

Talented programmers have created such applications where you can create the guy of your dreams, communicate with him, reveal to him all your secrets.

And most importantly, you will always be listened to and not blamed for excessive chatter. We have prepared a list of 11 best virtual boyfriend apps for iOS & Android for you. Read and download what you like.

My Virtual Boyfriend

Re you a modest and shy young woman who dreams to get acquainted with a man but does not know how to do it? Do not despair because now you have the opportunity to settle a virtual companion in your smartphone and, so to speak, to fill your hand. The application My Virtual Boyfriend – is a kind of dating simulator, having mastered which, you will get to know a man in real life much quicker.

Have not you decided yet which type of beauties you prefer? Romantic blond, incendiary redhead or sultry brunette? So try to get to know each in turn! Choose one of a hundred boys and start your acquaintance in all available ways. Just do not forget that each of the boys has its own tastes and preferences, what one likes is not at all rolled out on the other.

With one, you can go to the cinema, with another to start an intellectual conversation, with the third to play mini-golf. Each of the options will have its consequences, both positive (in the form of awards) and negative (the companion can elementary send you away).

The application has several levels, the worthy passage of which will open up new opportunities for you. Realistic three-dimensional graphics, funny dialogues, the ability to change the appearance of boys (hair color, outfit, name), a variety of ways of seduction – in general, if you master this virtual dating simulator, then facilitate yourself to communicate with the opposite sex in real life.

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Animal Boyfriend

Do you want to turn your beloved pet into a handsome guy? Choose a living being and start teaching him how to turn into a real man. At your choice, there is a huge range of clothes and accessories, put it on your taste. Also, you can change the color of the eyes, hair, and even personality features. Do you prefer more calm guys, or impressive, or caring and loving? All this and much more you can create in the application Animal Boyfriend.

Now you do not have to be bored. With a virtual guy, time flies by unnoticed.

Application features:

  1. A large selection of clothes and accessories, the collection of which is replenished every day.
  2. Recently added clothing store and beauty salon will help make your guy a real handsome man.
  3. 17 kinds of characters and temperaments from quiet to impulsive.
  4. Communicate, go on a date and build your relationship the way you want.
  5. Find friends on the game and get bonuses!

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Dream Boyfriend

Create a guy of your dreams! Do you know what will make your boyfriend truly unique? A large number of customization levels, updates, and various add-ons will provide a wide variety of different variations. You can control everything to the smallest detail – hair, eyes, growth, character, etc. An interesting feature of this application is moving to clothe. You will feel yourself in a different dimension. With the technology Motion Live2D, your virtual boyfriend will move, respond to the conversation, and even respond to kisses.

The collection of stylish avatars is replenished every day so that your guy will be the most fashionable. And the thematic outfit will allow your virtual friend to always be in a trend.


  1. Create up to 3 unique animated boyfriends.
  2. Live2D technology will allow you to take a fresh look at the capabilities of your phone.
  3. 8 different personalities, each with its own individual characteristics.
  4. A huge wardrobe with themed clothes.
  5. You are waiting for communication and dating.
  6. The events in the game are constantly added, so you will not get bored with the guy of your dreams!

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Virtual Boyfriend Joke

The application belongs to the category of comic simulators and it is not capable of replacing you with a real guy but it can bring you humor and diversify your life.

Are you shy and hesitate to communicate with guys? Then the application Virtual Boyfriend Joke is what you need. Get a virtual young man for communication and a good time.

You choose the boyfriend you like and start a dialogue with him. He will answer you in a comic manner. Play your friends, pretend that you are communicating with a real friend and get funny answers from your fictitious man.
But remember, this application is for entertainment purposes only.

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Smart Virtual Boyfriend

The developers claim that they created a very clever virtual guy. The application is a chat room where you can chat with him about everything. Responds well just like in life! You can also send him homemade sketches. The smartest virtual guy will listen to you carefully and even be able to interpret the images sent by you.

However, like a real man, a virtual guy needs to rest or go to the gym. Try not to bother him at this time. And then do not forget to ask how his day went.

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My Candy Love

Sweet Flirt is an online virtual flirtation game for girls. Sweet flirtation consists of episodes, posted in dialogues, which allow the player to live their own virtual HISTORY OF LOVE. Game character is a girl, new in school Svit Amoris. The main character gets acquainted with various characters and tries to win the hearts of the guys she likes. In each episode, the player has the opportunity to flirt with a guy who likes more all in the hope to go on a date with him at the end of the episode. To achieve this goal, the player should interact with him, with caution, behaving and choosing the most suitable to approach to the personality of the guy. All these choices have an impact on how history will develop.

Inspired by the Japanese otome-games, Sweet Flirt invites the player to live a unique VISUAL ROMAN in a bright and romantic world!

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Burn your fat with me!!

In the Internet space, the fitness application “Burn Your Fat With Me!” is becoming popular, which was invented by Japanese developers. After downloading and installing it on your gadget, you can access the training online. For a user who is supposed to be a woman, look out for a beautiful boyfriend named Kay. He was made an anime character, which is now insanely popular not only in Japan but also beyond.

In the fitness application, there is a story according to which the user is constantly eaten by sweet and other delicious products, from which you can easily gain excess weight. Then Kay begins to scold you for such a weakness for food and a desire to take an additive. The online boyfriend in return gives advice that will help to lose weight effectively.

The application has a training program, so Kay comments on the results of the physical work that she records. This is a great trick – the more you had training, the closer will be the relationship with the virtual boyfriend. He, by the way, has his own approach to the motivation of the girl, which he proclaims in a sexy voice.

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My Virtual Boyfriend Talk

The application gives you the opportunity to communicate with a virtual guy. How? Only you can decide, choose one of the three applicants. Communicate on any topic and be sure that your interlocutor will answer you. A virtual friend does not always answer the way you want, sometimes his answers will be ridiculous and illogical. However, he will always remain by your side in any situation. Rest assured, this virtual friend will not betray you. You can also communicate using APPLE WATCH.

You’re definitely not bored with the application My Virtual Boyfriend Talk. After all, your virtual boyfriend does not just answer your questions but also has in his arsenal some interesting stories for the story. For example, he is ready to share with you a tragic story about himself. He likes to communicate on topics of human existence.

Communicating with a virtual friend, you will not feel the difference if you communicate with a real person.

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Boyfriend Date Craft: Love

This game is great for teenage girls. You will find yourself in a world of blocks where you can meet your boyfriend. Get a service romance or a school love story – it’s up to you. And you can seduce your best friend.

Make your ex-boyfriend jealous and become the best girl in school, choosing the most worthy challenger. It’s not just a game, it’s a whole life story. Marry your beloved, arrange the wedding of your dreams, build a house, and have kiddies. Create a crazy love story in the block world!

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Virtual Boyfriend Dressup Fever

Few young people are taking care of themselves, few are dressed with taste, young men simply do not have a sense of style. Now you have the opportunity to choose a wardrobe for a virtual boyfriend.

This amazing simulation game will bring you a lot of positive. Make your wishes come true, make your boyfriend the most fashionable.
You will find a huge wardrobe – a large number

of jackets, shirts, ties, various accessories, etc. Create fashionable looks as much as you want and how much your inspiration is worth. Cool clothes will transform your man beyond recognition. Show your talent and sense of style, create a trend clothing set.

  1. A large number of clothes for every taste and color.
  2. High-quality animation.
  3. Great game for any age.

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Boyfriend Maker

With the help of this application, you will create the guy of your dreams, make your own style for him. You can communicate with him on various topics, and he will answer you. Play an interesting game Make Him Say and earn points.

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