12 Free Stud Finder apps for Android

Have you lost your keys? Can’t find your gold earring in the place you were yesterday? Trying to find studs hidden under the drywall in order to safely hang something on the wall?

Nowadays there are lots of useful apps that help us to find something, for example, a place to go out for dinner. To find them, it’s enough to click here and read about “11 best free Restaurant Finder apps for iPhone & Android”.

And if you lost a metal thing, special Stud Detector apps will come up with help. Any of them uses your device’s compass (magnetometer) sensor to precisely target wall studs by pinpointing metal joists, nails, screws, and other metal conducting fasteners in wood studs located beneath the drywall, plasterboard, or sheetrock in every wall.

This won’t be a problem anymore after installing one of the free apps for Android below. Thanks to these apps, your mobile quickly turns into the metal detector.

These apps allow you to find lots of different things made from metal or even to find old treasures hidden by wiseacre. But do not forget that the presence of the electronic device can do harm to their work!

So, to make things easier, we made up the list of 12 best free apps for android that you’ll probably like!

Magnetic Stud Finder

If you want something special, the Magnetic Stud Finder app with a bubble level view is just for you. Find all ferromagnetic things around – steel screws, nails, pins, spikes, hobnails, and other studs.

The app will better work if the thickness of the layer in which you are looking for metal will not be more than 1/4 inch or about 6 mm. The app has been tested in different buildings with a great amount of android phones.

Magnetic Stud FinderMagnetic Stud Finder

The best surface it works with is drywall. If it is used with the drywall, even if it is covered with an extra layer of ceramic tile, the app can still work.

In the last version have been fixed some bugs, updated feedback form, help information improvement, the vibrating pattern has changed. Now you can write to the producers of the app and add seek bars if needed.


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Stud Detector by Guylyhey

An interesting design is a special chip that you” ll probably like in this app. Customize the sensitivity you want depending on what are you going to find and the thickness of the layer.

Fire up the app, move the magnetometer location marker, and see the green stability indicator at first after start of the research.

Then see red LEDs 3 detection level indicators which make you clear how close the metal thing is located. If all 3 red LEDs light, then the object is close enough to be founded. Thanks to the special detection beeper, you’ll also hear about the lucky results of research.

Thanks to in-app DIY instructions, you will always know how to use the app, but thanks to its user-friendly interface, it is unlikely to be able to not understand how the Stud Detector by Guylyhey works.

Stud DetectorStud Finder app


Stud Detector by Chatterbox Software

What makes the app unique? It is a special left-handed mode presence. Yeah, southpaws, you’re not forgotten!

Another thing is that the app also both good for your smartphone and tablet. It is supported by all those devices without any problems.

Efficient design supposes you to configure screen operation, see and listen to the results of the research. This becomes possible thanks to displaying magnetic field magnitude and useful optional vibration and audio feedback systems.

Thanks to visual indication of feedback, you can stay clear about the magnetic field magnitude that will point you the right way how to find metal things like framing studs, screws, nails in walls, or other.

It allows you to customize the sensitivity you want, and an optional wake lock presence makes it more comfortable to use.

Stud Detector

The main thing you should not forget is that Stud Detector requires a device with a working magnetic sensor to function properly. If it is not, the Stud detector will let you know by special audio feedback. It will also let you know if the magnetic sensor is malfunctioned and used to provide faulty readings.

Well, if your phone has a magnetic sensor that, we hope, works properly, you can start the research right now by simply clicking the link below.


Metal Detector by Dexati

This app will not only find the metal stuff like screws and nails around but also will show you the scientific calculations. This app works by using a magnetic sensor on your phone. Metal detector applications can also be used as EMF Meter.

The magnetic field level or EMF  in nature is about 49 μT. μT is a special physical quantity that shows the magnetic field in microtesla. So, if the app shows that  EMF is more than 49 microtesla than you have found something metal next to you.

If there is a beach near the place you live, you can go and try to find something in the sand! The great idea of how to spend time with children. Just think of how many games can be created by you and your curious child spending time together and trying to find something hidden from the eye.

This app will be also interesting for an aspiring physicist. All you should do is install the app on your smartphone.



Metal detector by NETIGEN Utilities

As the screenshot shows, this app shows us the fluctuations schedule of a magnetic field value in μT. There is another one physical quantity is mG or milli gauss. 1 microtesla is equal to 10 milli gauss (1μT = 10mG.)

If the magnetic field changes, the schedule will show hesitation. These green, red and yellow lines are the 3 dimensions that increase the indication level.

If the meaning increases enough, the device will vibrate and make sounds announcing that metal is close. You can customize the sensitivity of vibration and sound effects in the settings.

You should remember that the app won’t work in places next to the big metal objects including a computer, TV, or microwave.

Metal detector by Netigen Utilities will not detect gold, silver and coins made by copper. They are non-ferrous and, unhappily, has no magnetic field. But it will be good luck if the treasure is in the metal box, that can be really noticed by the app!

netigen utilities


Metal Detector by Smart Tools.co

The app works like the other metal detector apps but the most interesting thing about it is the review of a user who hasn’t been fired thanks to this app. This is a true story. He was working at the airport. According to him, that day when he was at work, he had lost his professional metal detector and did not know what to do.

He did not become confused and decided to launch this app on his android even he did not believe in its power. What do you think? It worked! The app was finding everything like keys and other metal things like the truly metal detector! The user was surprised and didn’t lose his serious and responsible work.

Here you can see the screenshots.

Metal Detector


Metal Detector by Gamma Play

Some of us believe that ghosts influence a special kind of electromagnetic fields and can be noticed by metal finders. It’s your right to decide whether it is true or not. And Metal Detector by Gamma Play is another app that can help you to find every ferromagnetic object. You will fast understand how to use it thanks to easy interface and convenient settings.



Metal Sniffer: Metal Detector

Find all the metal that is around you with this Metal Sniffer. It looks like a standard metal detecting app, but it has some additional features that you wouldn’t find in the most basic of them. First of all, the app shows complete information about your surrounding – including the graph.

If you tap on some of the numbers or signs you will immediately get information on what is this and what is it used for. In the upper part of the screen, you can find the frequencies. Overall, the interface is extremely user friendly which is quite rare in the apps like these.



iSmartDetect Metal Detector App

Another metal tracker that was initially created for iOS but now Android users have this app as well. What it stands for is its unusual interface, which is more stylish than in other apps, the map of metals that you can see right in iSmartDetect, customized project naming with the ability to create separate projects for any case.



Metal Detector

An app with the super basic name, however, has been on the market for some time already and you can see that it gained a certain popularity among users. It will make you phone able to detect metals at a distance of around 30 cm. It works well on ferromagnetic materials like iron, steel, nickel, and cobalt, etc. And even though some users claim this app can be used to detect ghosts, there is no proof for that.



Metal Detector by RZTech

If you are feeling adventurous today and you decided to go to your backyard (or further) to haunt the golden mines then all you will need on this uneasy journey is this app. It uses the sensors that interfere with the magnetic field, thus, finding all the metals across your phone.

Each time the magnetic field will be crossing the limit the app will turn the alarm sound on. In general, you shouldn’t take it too seriously, it is just another app to have fun.



Stud Finder Scanner

An extremely simple app, but maybe you have been looking for something like this. In fact, it is getting more and more popular on Google Play. With this Stud Finder, you can find studs even in the walls. You will always know when there is a stud around because your phone will start beeping.

It is more or less accurate and eligible for serious use. And if you failed to scan the object from the left to the right, you should try to scan it from top to the bottom.



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To sum it up, we hope that these apps or one of them will be really useful for you.

You can also try all of them to find “your” special app.

Good luck!


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