5 Best snow day calculator apps (Android & iOS)

Check when the first snow comes and how much of it to expect! There are a lot of weather forecasting apps on the market for mobile software. But there are some apps that give only snow relate prognosis. It may be useful for various reasons for those who are keen on winter sports like skiing or those who just need to plan the upcoming weekend. Should we expect a day off due to the upcoming freezing storms and skip the school day?

We have collected the best snow day calculators and forecast apps for Android and iOS that were made to help you. Check them out.

Snow Report & Forecast

Snow Report & ForecastSnow Report & Forecast app informs about snowу weather and snowfalls for 7 days roughly and 3 days in detail for each hour. The forecast is provided for North America and Canada only but for each location that you can even spot on the map. Besides it provides information about rains, wind, and temperature.


Snow Report & Forecast 1 Snow Report & Forecast 2

Snow report includes the amount of snow, its load, the possibility of storms and blizzards. Definitely, such information can be useful an even life saving as it helps to chose the best day to travel to the country or mountains.

Weather forecast in this app is taken from NOAA and guarantee the truthful information. Lots of good reviews prove these facts as well as high ratings. The app costs $2.99 without ads and in-app purchases.

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Snow Day Calculator

Snow Day CalculatorAre you willing to know when the snow finally appears in your are? Or are you planning a holiday trip up to the mountains and need to know whether you will face a blizzard and the light snowing? The Snow Day Calculator will notify you about the next snowfall. Set a zip code of your area and it will be enough for this app to show you accurate predictions.

Snow Day Calculator1 Snow Day Calculator2

Predictions are displayed in a percentage without additional information about other conditions of the weather like wind, temperature, etc.

The app extracts the data from the National Weather Service which, though, also can be not accurate in its prognosis. The app will cost you at least $1 to try and then there are some in-app purchases.

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Snow Forecast

snow forecast2Snow forecast offers a detailed snow forecast that will provide you with a snow prognosis. Moreover, it will show the nearby places with the soonest possibility of snowfall.

Originally the app created with the aim to help professional and amateur skiers to plan their trip to the mountain to one of the ski resorts all over the world. The Snow Forecast app has data for all countries and provides a detailed plan of weather behavior.

snow forecast snow forecast1

Additionally, there is an option to set the snow alert to notify you about the soonest snowfall. The database consists of 3200 main resorts with some information related to it. For example, the date of the last snowfall and the chance of the snowfall in the nearest time with the amount in centimeters.

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open snow3Open Snow is yet another great app for skiers and winter sports fans. It displays the weather forecast for all the USA, Kanada, and Europe. The detailed hourly prognosis is given for three days while the short daily prognosis is provided for 10 days for better holiday planning.


open snow open snow2

The app is great when it’s highly crucial to know the chance of snowfall and overall condition in order not to spoil your snowy weekends.

Moreover, it gives information about the road conditions as we know that heavy snowfall can block some of them. It helps to avoid being stuck in the middle of the snowy weather.

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iskiUSAThe last app on our list is the guide for skiers and boarders. It has ski resorts information with maps and videos from installed cams. Additionally, the app provides weather forecast with snow prognosis as one of the most important aspects of skiing.

iskiUSA1 iskiUSA2

The snow forecast will be displayed on the map of the area. Places with predicted snowfalls will be spotted with cure icons of snowflakes on the yellow circles. Moreover, the app offers a detailed weather forecast with temperature degrees.

Apart from weather forecasting, the app has a lot of extra features for ski lovers as it displays a lot of information related to the most famous ski resorts, mountains, and slopes. What is more, skiers are able to track their activities and analyze their performance on skies.

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