9 Best Retirement Countdown Apps for Android & iOS

When something important is about to happen, we can use the countdown of minutes, hours, days, and months until the right moment.

Retirement is a significant event. With the help of the considered applications, you can easily find out how many days are left before a well-deserved break, create your own countdown not only before retirement but also for any other important event in your life.

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Retirement Coundown

Retirement Countdown is a countdown timer to a specified date. After setting a specific date in the application parameters, the timer will start counting down the time. In the parameters, you can also make a note about the event of interest to you.

For example, you can write your plans for retirement, what do you want to do first of all, where to go to rest, etc. For more convenient use of the gadget, you will have access to settings that will help you individualize the timer.

For example, you can choose one of the background substrates, determine the font, color, and style that is convenient for you. Waterfalls, azure beaches or snow-capped mountains… Different themes for every taste.

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Retirement Countdown

This is a universal timer, thanks to which you can calculate the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds before your retirement. The advantage of the application is the ease of management. The design of the Retirement Countdown is very attractive. It can even be used as a background. In addition, you can choose the screensaver background and font color.


The countdown is the simplest, but also a cute application that will allow you to set an arbitrary date to which you need to keep an exact count of time in days, hours, minutes. As a bonus, you can set your own background image, and the live tile on the initial screen will display the number of days remaining until the event.

The interface of the settings window is made quite simply – the name of the event, the background image, the year, the month, and the day to which the counting and the position of the timer itself relative to the background image will be indicated. Supports all time zones, sound notification, and sharing of the events via Facebook.


Countdown Widget

Is it unbearably difficult to count the days until the long-awaited retirement? Looking forward to the cherished date? Countdown Widget is a useful application for your gadget that will help brighten up the waiting for any important date or event.

At first glance, the application is very simple, but upon detailed study, it turns out that there are a large number of settings in it. When creating an event, you must enter the name, date, time, color of the counter set a repetition or reminder of the event. You can also quickly borrow dates from your phone’s calendar.

Adding an event begins a reverse report before it. Going to the event settings, you can add an image to it, fix a separate tile count on the desktop, set a reverse report on the lock screen, share the event through social networks.

The design of the application is made at a high level and it is perfectly optimized. Everything works very fast and without delays.


Big Days

Big Days is another countdown app that can be used as the retirement countdown. The first reason why this countdown software is so popular is its user-friendly and beautiful interface. It is customizable as well. You can choose the looks of the fonts, frames, images, and so on.

Apart from retirement, you can start the countdown for other important events, for example, for your birthday or a new trip. Don’t forget to pin a motivating image to a new countdown! And, of course, before retirement make sure you have taken care of your financial safety.




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Countdown to Retirement

The program is a colorful countdown timer. Simple, but at the same time waving an animated timer interface is counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds – until a significant event in your life – retirement. Timers can be added as much as you want, the operation of which will be accompanied by sound, display messages, and cool pictures.

My Retirement Countdown

If you want to keep abreast of, knowing exactly how much time is left until the target date, you can use the simple and nice My Retirement Countdown timer. It will measure the time remaining up to hour X to the nearest second.

My Retirement Countdown will show how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds are left until your retirement, and as soon as it arrives, the program will notify you with a sound signal.

Beautiful design, the ability to add a photo as a background, the ability to share a timer through Facebook, a reminder of the approaching day make this program a great tool in order not to miss one of the most important moments of your life.

Retirement Countdown!

An application with a beautiful themed design – Retirement Countdown! – this is not a simple “reminder”. You are scoring your retirement date, which you don’t want to forget; you have been waiting for it for so many years! On the exact day and time, a reminder will appear on the iPhone.

By the way, you can add links and explanations to notes, as well as send information in social networks, change the background, and track what percentage of your career has already been completed!

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Countdown Star

When you are young your retirement time seems so distant and blurry. That’s why it is sudden almost for everyone that there are just, for example, 10 years before their retirement and they haven’t executed even a half of their life plan yet! The time passes faster then you think. In order to keep track – get a nice countdown app like this one.

This is a universal countdown app and you can use it to countdown your retirement as well. There is a function, where you can choose whether you want to see the countdown on the home screen or not.

The information will be displayed in years, months, days, hours, and even minutes. Countdown Start is an extremely simple app but it is why so many users like it so much.




Sometimes it is difficult for us to remember the upcoming dates of various events, especially when they are associated with experiences and nervous tension. In this article, we have selected several useful applications for you, which will help you to be better oriented in time and not to miss an important event – retirement. Have you had time to install any application?

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