8 Free Likes on Instagram Apps 2022 (Android & iOS)

Instagram likes have recently become one of the main popularity metrics in modern society. So it’s not a surprise that many people would like to boost activity on their profiles by getting more likes.

There are lots of free likes on Instagram apps 2022 (Android & iOS) that will increase the number of likes you usually get on your posts.

The number one rule in boosting likes is to get them from real people and not just some fake accounts and all the apps from our list can cope with that. Plus, these apps will help you pick the perfect tags for your pics attract new subscribers to your account.

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Here’s the list of the 8 best apps in that category you should try. Have a look!

Likulator – Followers & Likes Analyzer 2020


Let’s start with an app called Likulator. This is an app that will give you a detailed profile analyst and helps you become popular in IG.

The main goal of this app is to give you the source of getting real subs and likes from active accounts. It’s a common fact that the platform tracks all the suspicious actions and if you’ll get multiple likes from the face as you might get banned. So this app tries its best to provide you with real likes and legit followers.

To cut in short, this app is some kind of interactive game that empowers you to exchange your subscription and likes and get ones in return. Along with that, the app will help you to pick up the most commonly-used hashtags from your posts so more people could see them.

There are multiple tag collections organized by themes so you can effortlessly find the ones that fit the pic you’ve uploaded. Furthermore, the app empowers you to examine all your supporters to find out the accounts that are not active anymore. Plus, you can set notifications to see when somebody unfollows you — that way you can always unfollow these people immediately.

Likulator 1 Likulator 2


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Top Tags: TagsForLikes app

Top Tags

As its name supposes, Top Tags is an app that helps you to gain a number of IG supporters by putting the right tags under your posts.

Although many people think that IG hashtags is not that big of a source anymore and they can’t get you likes and follows, it’s not true. Well, the hashtags might not work when you’re placing them randomly without analyzing and picking the right ones. And that’s what this app is here for — it has various tag collections that will pop up your pics and get you the desired hearts.

All the tags are sorted by them so it’s not that big of a deal to find the ones that suit your pics. And if you sustain a certain theme in your acc you can save the collections that suit you the most or even make your own collections from individual tags.

These collections can automatically be added to all your upcoming posts which saves lots of time. It also needs to be said, the app considers the country most of your audience is from and the language you write your pics in before offering you keywords. Thus, you will only get the tags used in your area and your pics will be shown to the public that will understand them.

Top Tags 1 Top Tags 2


Fame Boom Real Followers Free & Fast for Instagram

frame boom 1

Fame Boom is an app that aims to level up your popularity on IG.

Along with its sister apps, this one also uses tags as the main metric that can attract supporters and help you obtain more hearts under your pics. That’s cause tags empower you to gain real supporters and hearts which won’t harm your account’s stats. Plus, the tags will never pose a threat to your account to get blocked by the platform for some suspicious actions.

The app covers multiple hashtag packs in various categories — from sport to food, fashion, and more. There are also such categories as the most relevant tags, the like-for-like ones, and so on. Therewith, you don’t have to use every single hashtag from the pack — one or two will be more than enough.

Plus, you can mix the tags from several packs and even make your personal packs from scratch. Once it will be done you will be able to copy it with one tap and then paste it in IG. Besides, the app adds new tags almost every day so you will always get the trendiest and the most profitable tags possible.

frame boom frame boom 2


Hashtags for profile

Hashtags for profile

Hashtags for the profile is another app that will help you obtain more hearts via keywords.

The concept of this app is simple — hashtags might be the most obvious way to make your post seen by multiple people but you still need to know which tags to use. The right hashtags can bring your pic on the recommendations page which will help you obtain more hearts and even subs.

There are two ways to use this app. The first one is to search for the right hashtags by keyword. It might sound confusing but here’s the deal — you need to describe your future pics with one word and the app will automatically pick the suitable tags for it. Therewith, you don’t have to use all the tags that are offered — you can pick the ones you find suitable.

The second way is even easier — you upload the pic you’re about to upload on IG and the app scans it. The process takes a few seconds and then the smart algorithms pick all the keywords that fit the image. In case you don’t like any of these ways you can scroll through thematic tag collections or search by particular words.

Hashtags for profile 1 Hashtags for profile 2


Like4Like — Free Likes


Like4Like is an app that will help you obtain more hearts from real people on IG.

The name of this app fully reflects its concept — you get to exchange likes with other accs. Therewith, you can decide which posts you want to support and which not. Thus, you can be sure the people who’ve liked your posts at least found your content interesting or eye-pleasing.

The main advantage of this method is all the likes you get are from active accounts so the IG won’t consider them as suspicious actions. Needless to say, you will need to spend time liking other people’s pics to get the likes to cause the app won’t simply show your posts if you won’t.

Once again, you can rather like the post or skip it. Each like you give other people brings you one heart — these heats can be exchanged on likes. Therewith, the app has a strict privacy policy so you can be sure none of your data will get leaked. Plus, the app will never use your acc to like the pics you haven’t approved yourself (which might happen with some unreliable services).

Like4Like 1 Like4Like 2


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AI Get Followers & Boost Likes

AI Get Followers

AI Get Followers is an app that will help you raise the number of your IG supporters and get more hearts.

This app also uses tags as the central instrument for raising your visibility on IG. Just like the other apps on our list, this one has a catalog of hashtags that can help your pic to appear on the recommendation page.

Therewith, all the keywords are split into categories by themes so you can quickly find the one that suits your post. Apart from basic categories like animals or food the app also has the packs with the most common tags of the week, month, and so on. Plus, you can make your own collection from scratch – just copy all the tags you like.

Once the pack will be finished you will be able to copy it with one tap and then paste it on your IG. Besides, the app doesn’t ask for your IG login or password so you can be sure none of your private info gets in the wrong hands.

AI Get Followers 1 AI Get Followers 2


Magic Likes For Instagram

magic likesMagic Likes is an app that aims to boost your IG acc and expand the number of hearts you get. Frankly speaking, this app is no different from the other ones on our list – it gives you thematic tag packs that can help your pics to appear on the recommendations page.

Wherein, the app has more than a hundred tag packs that are categorized by themes. There are lots of basic ones such as traveling, food or love but there are also packs with the trendiest tags or the like-for-like ones. Besides, the app adds new tags almost every day so you can always keep an eye on the trends.

On top of that, you can make your own personalized pack of tags that reflect your profile theme. You can even add custom tags to this pack if needed. Once the pack is completed you will be able to copy all the tags with one tap ad paste on to your IG post.

magic likes1 magic likes2


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get real followers for Instagram, real likes Tagm

get real followers

And lastly, get a real follower is an app that empowers you to gain your subs on SM.

Although the purpose of this app is wider than just IG likes, the methods it uses are all the same – tags. The app is bundled with multiple keyword packs in various themes. Therewith, all the packs are strictly categorized so you can quickly find something specific.

It needs to be said, the packs are different for all the social media so no worries about that. There are some basic categories like food or makeup along with the most commonly-used and activity boosting ones. Plus, all the tags offered by the app are 100% relevant and the new ones are being added almost every day.

Besides, you get to make your own tag back that reflects the theme of your profile. You can mix the tags from various categories and even add some new ones. You can also view which tags are being used by the most followed influencers on IG and use them as well.

get real followers 1 get real followers 2


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