8 Free anti-mosquito apps for Android & iOS

There is no man in this world who has not been bitten by a mosquito. Mosquitoes are incredibly annoying insects that can cause enough trouble. Of course, if you live in the wild cold in Greenland, they probably won’t be a problem for you.

For everyone else, it becomes a problem in the warm season. As soon as summer or warm spring weather arrives, mosquitoes appear immediately.

It is not always possible to fight them in traditional ways. There are many additional special substances to help protect against insect bites. Unfortunately, not all of them are effective – simply because their action takes some time.

In the age of modern technology, there are many additional ways to fight insects, and one of them is done with the help of smartphones. We’ve picked out the best applications to help you get rid of mosquitoes (or at least laugh at the situation).

Anti-mosquito repellent by Wise Tech Apps

wisetech anti-mosquitoAnti-mosquito repellent is a great application with a great and user-friendly interface. You can get rid of annoying sounds and creepy insects, all with a simple utility.

Anti-mosquito repellent reproduces sound at a unique frequency, which also prevents “attacks” by insects. The most important thing is that you will not hear this sound, that is, you will not get any inconvenience from using it.

When you launch the app, you will be able to choose the desired frequency of sound – from 8kHz to 22 kHz, thus choosing the most convenient option for you. Are you getting hurt by mosquito bites? Do you constantly itch when you get bitten by an insect?

Just run the Anti-mosquito repellent at the right time and you won’t see mosquito bites around you again. The application has 2 modes: active when you adjust the frequency of sound and normal when it affects insects.

wisetech anti-mosquito1 wisetech anti-mosquito2


Anti Mosquito Prank by ExaMobile S.A.

anti mosquito examobileThe fight against mosquitoes can be absolutely different. The Anti Mosquito Prank is one way to eliminate them or simply to complement the basic protection methods.

You won’t have to kill mosquitoes yourself, brush bites or splash heavily with a spray because ultrasound treatment is just as effective. The mosquitoes will be at a distance from you and will not be able to cause the slightest harm to your body.

The Anti Mosquito Prank works at high sound frequencies. It has 4 frequencies to choose from – 13, 15, 17, and 19 kHz. Not all people hear a sound at this frequency – and this is convenient because it will only affect mosquitoes.

When you launch the app, a certain icon will appear on the status bar of your smartphone. That’s what it means for the entire system. Of course, no one can guarantee that there will be no mutated or deaf insects among mosquitoes – but most of them will definitely stay away from you.

anti mosquito examobile1


Anti Mosquito Ultrasonic killer Sound Simulator by Max Apps Studio

anti mosquito ultrasonic killer sound simulatorNone of these applications will be endorsed by the official scientific community. Such unreliability is immediately announced by the developers of this application.

But there is also a belief that certain sounds are really annoying to mosquitoes. With the Anti Mosquito Ultrasonic Killer Sound Simulator you can use an ultrasound signal to scare away mosquitoes and insects.

You can sleep in peace and not wake up every time you get bitten by another mosquito. You can try the application and make sure that there are really fewer mosquitoes.

Of course, the interface of the application is not the most modern, but all the functionality is simple enough and you will immediately know where to press. You have no possibility to adjust sounds – you can just turn it on when you need it.

The Anti Mosquito Ultrasonic Killer Sound Simulator is designed to keep mosquitoes away from you so that you don’t get hurt – mosquitoes are quite lethal insects in certain cases.

anti mosquito ultrasonic killer sound simulator1 anti mosquito ultrasonic killer sound simulator2


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Anti Mosquito Pro – Mosquito Repellent by Xoma

anti mosquito xoma1Anti Mosquito Pro is a lightweight version of a paid application from the same developer. Most of the features here are free, so you get a lot of features without paying for the time of use.
Most of the features here are free, so you get a lot of features without paying for the time of use.
It’s a pretty advantageous choice since the functionality is absolutely the same as that of its paid analogs. Great work and efficiency are absolutely free!

Mosquito repellent can indeed be effective with ultrasound. You can optimally scare away insects from yourself and your family. Most importantly, your child, for example, will be protected.

With the Anti Mosquito Pro, you can choose between 10 kHz and 25 kHz sound frequencies. Choose the frequency that worries your hearing the least and you can get rid of mosquitoes effortlessly.

anti mosquito xoma anti mosquito xoma2


Anti Mosquito Repellent Sound Simulator by betaapps

betaapsThe Anti Mosquito Repellent Sound Simulator is an absolutely free application to help you fight insects and prevent unpleasant bites. The design of the application is very simple.

As soon as you launch it, you are shown a screen with 9 buttons. Each of them means the frequency of sound that will come from your smartphone. By choosing a certain frequency, you can start the whole process.

Most mosquitoes do not like this sound and it helps to scare away insects. This way you won’t get any nasty sounds or bites around you. Of course, some mosquitoes are resistant to such sounds and will still get to you – but there will be much less of them than usual.

In order to test its effectiveness, you will still need to use the Anti Mosquito Repellent Sound Simulator at least once. It’s best to combine the application with traditional tools.



Anti Pest Sound: Anti Mosquito & Insect Repellent

anti pest soundIt’s not just mosquitoes that can hurt you. In warm seasons, there are indeed too many flying and crawling insects that literally surround you.

Even if you’re at home, they can get in through windows or doors – so they’ll bother you anyway. In this case, usually begin to use sprays or special atomizers, but you can try the application and Anti Pest Sound.

The developers assure you that with their application you will start sleeping much calmer. During the startup of the utility your smartphone will emit high-frequency sounds, thus preventing not only insects but also animals from approaching.

All you need to do to work is run Anti Pest Sound and set the most comfortable sound frequency. It is also worth considering what you are worried about – for example, insects react to sounds at 22-44 kHz, and animals – at 20-25 kHz.

anti pest sound1 anti pest sound2


Anti Mosquito Repellent Sound by Reticode

anti reppellent sound reticodeThe Anti Mosquito Repellent Sound is an application for Apple devices that has proven itself quite well. It is free and available for quick download, and will also help fight mosquitoes and other insects.

You will no longer be constantly confronted with nasty insects in your bedroom if you include special applications overnight. The Anti Mosquito Repellent Sound is designed to help you in this fight and protect you from bites.

Low-frequency sounds, according to some studies, can really scare away mosquitoes at some distance. They don’t kill them, they just don’t let them fly too close to you.

It should be noted that the application interface is quite simple and attractive: there are no unnecessary details, but it is easy to start the necessary sound.

There are 2 main sections on the main screen. In section 1 you will be able to turn on a scare sound, and section 2 will tell you what other ways to fight mosquitoes.

anti reppellent sound reticode1 anti reppellent sound reticode2


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Anti Mosquito Sound by Fanky Dev

fanky devMany different means and methods can be used to scare away mosquitoes. These can be special fly swatters to kill them, sprays, creams and sticks.

In combination with all methods, it is not superfluous to use special sounds. Anti Mosquito Sound is another application that prevents mosquitoes from being near you with sounds of a certain frequency.

In this application, the range of sounds is between 8 and 22 kHz. This frequency is safe for human hearing and will not harm you. Depending on the model of your smartphone, it may not be able to produce sounds of this frequency – this too should be considered.

But if you still don’t have any problems with your devices, Anti Mosquito Sound will handle mosquitoes perfectly together with other ways to fight them. Use several methods of protection at once and then no insects can harm you.

fanky dev1


Certain applications do create high frequency sounds that help stun insects. Human hearing is not susceptible to these high frequencies, so it’s likely that nothing will even change for you.

But if you use this technologically advanced protection method, you will be more confident than with traditional ointments and sprays. It’s up to you to decide which mosquito application you want to try – it’s very likely to really help you. We hope you can use them to protect yourself from pesky insect bites.

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