9 Best face shape apps for Android & iOS

Selfis have become an integral part of our daily lives. We take pictures, shoot videos, use funny effects and professional processing all the time. All this makes the shots unique and special. Using masks in Instagram and Snapchat, we become completely different people.

Would you like to try on the image of another person? Become them for a couple of moments, at least in appearance? Now this is possible with face shape apps. Your device will change your appearance in seconds – and you will become your friend, movie star or even a pet. So, ready to change? We present you the best applications to implement this idea.

FaceApp – AI Face Editor


The photos you have seen on the web are likely to have been taken with FaceApp. The application uses a work and analysis mechanism of artificial intelligence, which helps to accurately, quickly and easily change your appearance in a couple of seconds.

With FaceApp, you can grow old and learn how you look in your old age. Try on the appearance of a star or blogger – how would you look with other facial features? The result of transformation is always interesting, but we cannot always make up our minds about it in real life. You can just try all these changes on FaceApp and see if your hair, makeup or appearance will work for you.


Artificial intelligence analyzes your appearance so well that you can add a smile to the photo, where you have an absolutely serious face, or try on a new hairstyle. Simple changes will help you to define the style and bring new features to your life.


MRRMRR ~ Live Face Filters & Video Selfies


What do you imagine when you hear “murrmurr”? Of course, an animal, most often a cat. Of course, we all come from apes, but sometimes you want to be a cat, a lion, a panda and even a Grinch!

The application has a system of artificial intelligence, which automatically detects the face. This system allows you to apply masks and effects directly on you. In addition to funny masks, you can also use the cute effects – putting a flower crown on your hair or jewellery.

In MRRMRR, you can record video clips along with these filters. The masks are superimposed in real time and you can try on a few before taking a photo or recording a movie. Change your appearance in just a few clicks.


Of course, you can see right away that you just put a mask on your face – but that is funny. Grinch with your body on Christmas Eve will cheer up your friends and give you a reason for jokes – are you going to steal Christmas? Share the content you get with your messengers and social networks directly from the app.


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Face Blender


Always wanted to try on the role of emperor, cosmonaut or something like that? Face Blender lets you become anyone! Try on the costume of an official and important parliamentarian, president, child and more. You can insert your face into any photo. And not only yours!

Make a joke on your friends – put your faces on a picture of two dogs. Funny dogs will now get your faces – do you want to say “woof”?
There are more than 100 templates of such entertaining photos available in the app. If you want to create something of your own, just upload the template to Face Blender and create it!


All you need to do is make selfies or upload a photo from the device gallery, choose a template and create a new image! New images, funny substitutions and curves – all these funny photos can be saved to the gallery. But why just save? Share the result immediately on social networks or just send it to your friends.


Cupace – Cut and Paste Face Photo


To create your own memes and funny pictures using face inserts, you will be interested in the Cupace application. With the help of this service you just cut the right person’s face from the photo and it is automatically saved in the gallery of faces of the application. Change facial expressions, create funny pictures and more – all in the Cupace app.

Adding a new face to the gallery looks like this: you select the right photo and cut out a person’s face. You can zoom in and out to make it easy. Scaling is freely available to correct contours.
You can reuse the same face several times in different photos. You do not have to cut it out again – the template will already be saved in Cupace.

You can insert the same face several times into the same photo, as well as overlapping images on top of each other – it will be easier to create more complex memes and just funny pictures.


In addition to the finished faces, you can add stickers, labels, smileys and more to the image – the add-on catalogue is freely available in the application itself. Add text, make a few final touches and share the result with your friends in Instagram and Facebook.


Face Warp – Plastic Surgery


You do not like your own appearance and you can not accept it? Are you wondering what you would look like with a different nose shape, chin or enlarged lips? You do not need to go to a plastic surgeon and change your face irretrievably! Now you can see the result in advance right in your smartphone – just install Face Warp.

The application allows you to become a real virtual plastic surgeon. Unexpected and visible result without harming your health!

You have the tools to edit your own appearance – deformation, enlargement, morphing, movement and much more. That is, you can do anything with your own appearance. Increase and decrease of body and face parts, removal of individual places, morphing – what will you try first?


Take a funny picture from a normal photo – enlarge your eyes to the size of aliens, for example. The result is not only saved – you can share it with your friends right away! You do not have to tell them that your image has been edited – let them think your appearance is changing so quickly!


The whole process takes a little time. You need to select the original photo and Face Warp will automatically detect your face in the photo. Then you can either manually process the image or use the developer’s templates.

In any case, the intuitive interface will not let you get confused and will even help you to complete the process as soon as possible – become your own plastic surgeon right in your smartphone.


Face Swap


You want to switch faces with a friend? Or is your pet so cute that you would like to be one? Or maybe you have been dreaming of trying on Gigi Hadid’s looks for a long time? In any of these options, you should install Face Swap. The application will allow you not only to change your face, but also to apply a lot of funny stickers and effects.

You can try on faces in real time – just turn on the Selfie mode in the app and point the camera at yourself and your friend or pet. Artificial Intelligence will automatically detect the available faces and swap them!

If you want to change your face to the face of a celebrity, choose the photo from the gallery and Face Swap will give you a new look. You can choose a special theme – children, professions and so on – and the service itself will choose the right options for you.


In addition to the exchange, you can also simply edit the resulting image. Stickers, text, effects – all available on Face Swap. Synchronize and connect the application to your Instagram and Facebook accounts and share your memes with your friends right away! Become Angelina Jolie and diversify your boring social media feed.


Hairstyle Try On


How long have you thought about changing your hair or even a whole style? But how scary it is to change something radically – maybe it will look disgusting. With the Hairstyle Try On app, you can try on new hairstyles and see if you should run to a hairdresser or stylist or if the current hairstyle suits you well.

Hairstyle Try On lets you choose the right length and shape for your hair, determine if it fits your complexion, and then choose the right hair color and shade. Are you afraid to go straight to your hairdresser? Try the changes directly on your smartphone without risk.

15 popular hairstyles are available free of charge, and another 800 can be bought in a variety of packages – length, shape and so on. Each haircut is available in 50 dyeing options – maybe an unexpected or bright color will suit you, just try it.


You can send the result right away to your friends, mom, or even your hairdresser. Take advice and decide what is right for you – and Hairstyle Try On will help you choose the right style.


FaceU – Inspire your Beauty


FaceU – one of the most famous photo applications in South Korea and Japan. Girls are incredibly fond of the changes the app makes to their appearance. FaceU is used by celebrities, popular bloggers and ordinary users.

Users can access more than 30 filters, retouch photos – skin improvement on a scale from 1 to 5, removal and addition of freckles and much more. The developers specially invite modern designers for mask filters – that is the secret of their popularity.

More than 100 stickers and masks can be used in video mode. Record videos for your social networks and use masks to make you look even cuter or funnier. In addition to masks, you will be able to apply different movie styles to yourself, images and outfits, and more.


Place special icons right on your photo, modify your photos the way you want, and use the FaceU to its fullest to create the perfect shots.


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Funny ears, cat faces and language – all these effects have long been used by SnapChat users. But what if you do not want to have an account there and you just want funny pictures? You can find masks in FaceFun – a great alternative to the boring built-in camera phone.

Want to make creative selfies for your social networks? Enable FaceFun and learn all about its wide range of features. Masks, filters, make-up effects, artwork, and animated elements are sure to make the most of it. You can even change faces – right in FaceFun, without installing a separate app.

Apply makeup and post-process your photos. In addition to face editing, you can also change your body – draw abs and reduce or increase body parts. Consider FaceFun some kind of simplified version of Photoshop.


You can take photos directly with effects and masks – just launch the camera through the application. The finished photos will be saved to a separate folder in the gallery.


Many effects and changes in appearance already exist in the application templates – so the processing will take even less time. Immediately share your photos in social networks – surprise your subscribers with your perfect appearance.


By changing your appearance, you can often go too far. Sometimes psychologists even say that using Photoshop to improve your appearance or shape is an unhealthy attraction and can become a mental illness. But if you do not overdo it and make all the changes reasonably – it is only good and does not harm anyone!

Most of the applications allow you to use funny filters and masks, make memes and jokes about your friends. There is nothing wrong with that! With the help of your smartphone you can try on a new image, hair and makeup, become a wild animal or your friend – have fun at full capacity!

Choose your favorite app, take beautiful photos and share them with friends – your social networks will play with new colors.

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