14 Best Employee Attendance Tracking Apps

In this article, we have collected 15 employee attendance tracking apps that will play a beneficial and money-saving role for your business. Boost the productivity of your staff, automatize the process of workers’ attendance control. Throw away traditional paper-based timesheets.

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Some apps even can track employee locations that will be helpful in case of on-site work. Have full control over operating hours is efficient for the profitability of your business. Check out these apps for Android and iOS devices.

Wifi Attendance

As long as each office nowadays equipped with Wi-Fi it is very beneficial and economical to use a Wi-Fi-based attendance tracking app. The cost-saving decision to install Wi-FI attendance app can help a business to improve its productivity. Since all employees will be automatically detected without the biometrical punch in the system. Thus the management will know each worker`s location.

The app is intuitive and will create time reports with overall time at work including absences and leaves. It will show how many times was detected a late punch it or missed punch.

Luckily the app is free up to 10 employees in small offices. It will cost 1$ per person per month in companies with up to 40 employees. And so on. By far the highest price per month per employee is 2$. It’s really a convenient and budget-saving app.

Wifi Attendance Wifi Attendance


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Employee Attendance

Employee attendance is a simple uncluttered application to track your employees manually. It chiefly convenient for a small team of workers as the manager has to operate with the app alone.

It’s his responsibility to add new members, create a schedule for them, and monitor their attendance. The app just simplifies this process providing your final report.

One of the considerable pluses of the app is a widget function. No need to even open the app. The app is free. It weighs way too few. But it’s available for Android only.

Employee Attendance Employee Attendance


Time Clock Wizard

Time clock Wizar is a great attendance tracker app with 30 days free trial option. Moreover, it will calculate payroll and manage employees’ schedules. The great news is that the app is based on Cloud Service. This lets each employee or manager access the app from any device with a login and password.

Another beneficial feature of the app is a geo-fencing controlled clock in at the office or on-site. Plus the app captures a photo of an employee in the moment of a clock in and out. This is to prevent errors and dishonesty.

Monthly fees are applied after the free trial period regarding a subscription. It depends on the number of employees. There are unlimited employee number plans and limited. The maximum monthly fees around 100$.

Time Clock Wizard Time Clock Wizard


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TimeCamp Time Tracker

If you need an employee attendance app that is also a project management software then TimeCamp is a perfect choice. You can install this app both on Android and iOS and synchronize it with the platforms on the PC. Considering the attendance part – the app allows to track the GPS location of the employees in the real-time mode.

You can also edit time entries in the mobile time cards with just a few clicks, mark time entry as billable or non-billable, and browse and edit your historical data, or plan your future events. TimeCamp can work offline as well and still make accurate reports.




Employee Management System: Attendance Manager

This app is literally an HR management platform that includes attendance, payroll calculator, leaves, overtime, etc. Marking attendance on a daily basis the app will produce daily payslips for each employee. It will be done automatically by the app. Furthermore, it will calculate debts and loans.

Salary slips will go in a full report and will go full time, leaves half days, and holidays. Full detailed report for your service without much effort from your side. Moreover, all reports can be shared via SMS or email in PDF format. You can back your data as well.

Employee Management System Employee Management System


Zoho People

Specially created to simplify the HR work Zoho People app offers a multifunctional feature package. HR can store in the app files, costs, travel processes, timeshifts, leaves, and of course attendance management. Briefly, it contains all HR processes required for daily routine.

Attendance tracking can be managed via the current biometric system, web portal, or the app itself. Besides HR is free to customize the app, adding templates, forms, timetables.

Zoho People app has different plans with the starting price per employee 0.83$. 15 days of free trial is available for all plans.

Zoho People Zoho People


App Store

Labor Sync

Labor Sinc app will track on your employee’s check-in /check-out on working place. Moreover, it will track staff’s current location especially at a time on site. The app can replace traditional paper-based timesheets and play the role of expensive biometric equipment.

The app supports around 15 different languages.  It also protected with personal login and passcode. It accurately tracks time without mistakes. Labor Sink has been downloaded thousands of times and has primarily positive comments.

Labor Sync Labor Sync


App Store


Hubstaff is an accurate and advanced employee tracking app that is popular among companies. It can track workers, manage payroll, and even check the location of each employee using a GPS system. The available dashboard lets to check employees in real-time. With Hubstaff you will have full control over your workforce.

The developers claim that they minimized the battery consumption and the app can work on the background not distracting you from your current work process. It’s possible to have access to the service via a web portal, no backup is needed as the service is cloud-based. The price starts at 10$ per employee per month for premiums.

Hubstaff Hubstaff


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Attendance Tracker

Attendance Tracker is suitable not just for companies and their employees. It’s very much applicable for sports team attendance or classroom and other kinds of workshops. It helps to track attendance at any kind of event. Effortless. Option to set a backup function s available for your SD card on your Android device.

This app is a sort of manual attendance tracker. A manager must manage all in his device, adding participants of events or employees. In the end, the app provides you with reports, metrics, and stats. All of them can be used for payroll or any kind of reports during meetings.

Attendance Tracker Attendance Tracker


Alora – Attendance Tracker App

Alora is an attendance manager that keeps tracking on employees and events members at meetings classes or sport team gatherings. This professional app will simplify the process of attendance control. It’s suitable for employers, teachers, and coaches.

Note that it most convenient for small groups and teams as the manager has to control and mark attendance manually. At the end of the period, the app will generate reports and statistics. The app will cost 3.99$ per month. Available for both Android and iOS.

Alora Alora


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Time Doctor

Time Doctor is one of the most popular working timing apps on the market and one of the most convenient in usage. However, it will be more suitable not for the regular office routine and employees, but for those employees who are working as a freelancer, remotely or have to travel often because of work.

The app tracks how much time has an employee spent working on a certain project. In order to start working, an employee must log in to the system and after he/she is done, provide a daily report. The managers can monitor all the data at any time.


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Where’s My Staff – Real Time

Where`s my Staff is an advanced and astonishing app suitable for small and big companies. Besides a simple punch in and out system, it will track employees’ location and movement during a day showing whether they went straight to the site or made their own route. It’s applicable for sales as they are out of their office most of their time.

The app requires an NFC system so employees can punch in and out in the office using their phones. Using internet connection information about employees can be updated even in offline mode. QR codes are also supported in case if a phone doesn’t support the NFC system.

Where’s My StaffWhere’s My Staff


App Store


Harvest has emerged on the market quite a short time ago but has already made some buzz in the business apps sector because of its innovative approach to the tracking of the employees’ attendance.

The thing is Harvest is more than just an attendance tracking app – it is a project management app that also allows keeping an eye on all the accounting and job management processes.

Each time a team member starts his/her work, they check-in in the app and it tracks their attendance automatically. In order to finish the work, they must log out of the system. In addition, Harvest is an excellent accounting app since it allows to quickly upload the scans of all the receipts and thus, control the expenses.



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Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log

Maybe you don’t need all those additional features and what you want to have is just a simple, but effective attendant tracking app? Then Toggl is a match for you.

It is easy in usage and provides the full information and statistics about your employees’ attendance in a couple of sections. There is also a feature where the workers can compile the summary reports to provide information about their daily accomplishments.

Also, in the Toggl app, you can add new entries, continue to track time in those already existing, access reports, use calendar, smart suggestions, customize time entries with projects, clients, and tags, and edit attendance data manually.



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