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Eli's Learn & Play is an app for toddlers and young kids.  They will enjoy interacting with a total of 7 scenes that contain lot's of fun shapes, numbers, letters, and characters...plus music and sounds!

Platform:  iOS (iPhone/iTouch/iPad)

Release:  9/11/18

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Using the App

A fun experience for toddlers and young kids.  Each scene has different themes for interactions including different shapes, objects, and characters on the screen. Learn and enjoy with fun music and sound effects.

Scenes are limited to a number of touches before transitioning to the next, with a total of 7 scenes.  Keeps the child's interest, but also helps parents that want to limit screen time.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

We don't collect any personal or personally identifiable information about anyone who downloads or uses Eli's Learn & Play app.

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The full version of this app does not use any advertising or any links to any website or other apps.  The lite version does include a link to the App Store for the full version of the app.


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Last updated on 9/14/2018