11 Best Digital Scale Apps for Android & iOS

It sounds unrealistic to use the phone as a scale. Every time you heard it, you probably thought it was a joke program or even a prank. Of course, there are also applications that aim to get fun, pranks, and other jokes. But in fact, some smartphones can really measure the weight of objects.

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For such a measurement, an object should weigh up to 100 grams, as larger objects can damage the smartphone. Still, the data about them can be inaccurate. The scales in your smartphone are implemented with the help of a gyro sensor, which monitors and tracks the position of the smartphone in space.

For this kind of weighing, the smartphone must lie on a spring-loaded surface, not a hard one. But there are also fun applications that you can install just for fun. We tried to find 11 best digital scale apps for iOS & Android.


Do you want to keep track of all your body weight changes? In this case, we have to advise you to try OKOK International.

Users can also connect this app with a Bluetooth scale to monitor a wide range of health indices – e.g. weight, muscle, body fat, and water.

As soon as you launch the app, you will have to enable several permissions and create an account. Thereafter, you will get to the menu page containing the following sections at the bottom:

  • Dynamic
  • Trend
  • Go
  • Device
  • Me

In the first section, you can insert your weight data and target weight. The app will automatically estimate the amount of fat, BMI, muscle, etc. Here you can always monitor the history as well.

Furthermore, the app offers plenty of recommendations for keeping a healthy lifestyle – workout, food, or sleep tips.

However, we have to admit that some users complain that this app contains ads and crashes quite often.



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Truck Scale Calculator

We think you’ve often seen huge trucks driving on the highways. Such a huge car is fully controlled by one person – the driver. The Truck Scale Calculator application was created to help truck drivers who need to analyze the weight of their axles.

Of course, you won’t be weighing the truck or its axles on your smartphone – all the data is obtained after certain calculations that the application makes.

The Truck Scale Calculator requires the driver to enter data that is already known to him. In the calculations, it is possible to disable and enable the scaling of indicators.

The Truck Scale Calculator helps the driver to correctly adjust the fifth wheel, which distributes the load throughout the truck. The user adjusts the values of his truck himself, so you need to know those values. It’s worth noting that the Truck Scale Calculator is a fairly specific weight, which calculates the data for you.

truck scale calculator1 truck scale calculator2


Bluetooth Weighing Scale Terminal 2.0

In Bluetooth Weighing Scale Terminal, users can connect their Android device to a Bluetooth-enabled weighing scale.

Before you start using the app, make sure that the scale is paired with your device. Then, the first thing you need to do – paste your weight data. Click on the “Log Weight” button to register the data.

In the menu section, users can always change the unit of weight. For this, click on the 3-dots button, and the popup window will appear. Here you can also clear log, log GeoCoordinates, or even share via social nets.

When the weight on the scale becomes stable, the color of the textbox changes to Blue, and the app will display the word “Stable” on the screen.

But if the Bluetooth weighing scale is not enabled, the user can easily insert the weight manually without leaving the app.



Right Weigh Load Scale App

Right Weigh Load Scale App is another application that will be useful for truck drivers. It is designed for those people who are already tired of stopping because their truck is overloaded and there is no way to go further.

You won’t have to look for a giant scale to try to spread all the weight along with the axles of your car – Right Weigh Load Scale App can do all the work for you. Things get a lot easier when you’re not afraid to trust your smartphone.

The app allows you to track the weight of a group of axles of the main truck and its trailer. It can also be used for vehicles that simply attach a normal trailer at the back of the truck when transporting things.

Weight data can be logged directly in the Right Weigh Load Scale App, and then used or sent as a file. The data you have entered may also contain information about your location at the time of measurement. You can also keep joint logs with other drivers if you work together.

right weigh load scale1 right weigh load scale2


Sensoscale Lite digital scale

As the developers assure you, this app is working real scale, but some user reviews say otherwise. Many people write that the app doesn’t work even with a Bluetooth connection. Here’s what the developers suggest:

  • The scale takes accurate measurements and are not a toy
  • The app works properly with SENSODROID Bluetooth scale
  • By clicking on the Demo button we can see all the running apps with a digital scale.
  • The scale can be used in a variety of ways, they will be your real helper at the post office, jewelry store, kitchen, hospital, grocery store, and many other areas.
  • The app can interface with many models of scales, such as KS6001, BT30Y, BT150Y, and others.
  • Depending on the model of the paired scales, you can weigh things of different weights from 0 to 300 kilograms.
  • Industrial scale can be easily controlled via the app
  • TARE / UNIT / OFF control is simple enough.



DBP Weight Scale

As the developers assure you, this app can display the weight of an object through a Bluetooth connection. Even though the app is free, it has a rather low rating and many negative reviews.

The app takes a long time to load and has no information on how to use it, which should have been said in the instructions. This app will not always work correctly, because the phone does not have a built-in weight sensor.

Many people write that this app is a complete fake and will not use it anymore and do not advise other users. People write that when you download the app does not work, and all they have is a simple picture with 0.0.kg, which does not change at all with any manipulation.

But still, this app has some positive reviews. Some people write that the app shows almost the correct weight, including a completely small overweight.



Happy Scale

Sticking to diets is always long and tedious. And if you don’t see any progress or even gain weight, it seems especially pointless and of course frustrating.

Happy Scale offers you a solution to this problem.

The features provided by this app:

  • using mathematical calculations the program will calculate your body mass index
  • you can predict how much you will weigh by a certain date by studying the graph of your weight loss
  • you will be able to see your progress at the end of each week, thanks to the app’s reports
  • if you want to lose a lot of pounds, divide your long journey into several steps. This way it will be easier for you to see your progress and small victories
  • this app supports pairing with other Apple Health apps, so you can transfer your data from one app to another.
  • the app makes predictions for your weight in the future, thus giving you an incentive not to give up and work on yourself further.



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Kitchen Scale in grams joke

Please note that this app is not a real scale. This app is just a simulator and is designed for fun and company time.

How it works:

  • launch the app
  • place an item on the screen
  • press the Weigh button
  • the scale will display a number representing how much the item weighs

Again, this is just a game and the numbers may not be realistic. This is a great option to test your intuition in the company of friends and have a good laugh with the results.

Remember that some of the items can damage the screen of your mobile device, so it is better to use protective glass or put something on the place where you put the items.

Some people like the app, while others write that the app takes up space in the phone memory for nothing because it shows the weight evenly to the air, i.e. in those moments when there is nothing on the phone screen.



Digital Scale by LucidSWs Inc.

If we talk about the full function of weighing products, the Digital Scale application has a completely illogical name. At the same time, it is really useful and works with product weight.

Digital Scale is an application that allows the user to calculate the cost of something that he is buying or selling. You just have to enter the value of the product for 1 kilogram, define the unit of measurement, the currency in which the calculation or purchase is made, and as a result, you will see the amount of the purchase.

Digital Scale is perfect for those people who are confused about calculating the price of weight products or afraid that they will be cheated by the seller. Also, such an application will be useful for sellers who do not have a free calculator to calculate the price.

You weigh the product yourself in the traditional way on a normal scale, and in the Digital Scale, you enter the ready-made data. By the way, if we talk about usability, the developers were able to take into account different money currencies.

digital scale lucidsw1 digital scale lucidsw2


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Smart Chef Smart Food Scale

Talking about recipes again, you can’t forget the important thing about its nutritional value. Despite the same weight, different foods may have different values for proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

For example, your trainer or nutritionist said that you need 50 grams of protein per day to stay healthy. But how do you calculate their weight? You can’t just take one nutrient and separate it from the product. Smart Chef is an application that allows you to track all your prescriptions and the food you consume.

Smart Chef is also a great way to calculate grams of food at the first look. It has a measure of conversion from grams to glasses or tablespoons – i.e. more familiar ways of measuring.

It even has a scale of eggs, which offers you to determine the size of the egg you use in your recipe. You could say that Smart Chef is suitable for people who want to measure the nutrients in their food, not just its weight.



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E Grams – Digital Scales Simulator

This app is modeled after the familiar Lever Scale. You can’t weigh a single item just by placing it on your phone’s screen. That’s not how this app works. It all depends on your mobile device’s sensors being properly calibrated.

The app will work if the app notices a deviation from the resting state. The phone should not be on the same plane all the time, otherwise, the app won’t show the weight data of the object. Place the phone on a curved surface and place an object on top of it. Only then the app will work.

You’ll be able to measure weight in different systems: ounces, kilograms, grams, milligrams, and pounds. With the help of the instructions provided by this app, you will be able to adjust your phone’s sensors, i.e. to make a proper calibration.

Note that measurement accuracy depends on the settings of the app and the phone itself.



It should be noted that no developer will guarantee the accuracy of such measurements. The fact that gyroscopes in smartphones are needed for completely different purposes, and weighing – this is just one of the possibilities.

Keep in mind that smartphone sensors can get worse over time, fail, or break down at all. You can’t rely on a phone scale as an accurate measuring tool that gives you results right away.

You can play with such applications, play a trick on someone, or surprise your family with unusual smartphone features that they hardly knew about. This feature is present in some of the presented apps, so you can test and see for yourself.

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