Classic ball maze



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Currently testing a new game Classic Ball Maze.  It's a classic labyrinth game where you move your device to try to get a ball through a maze.

12 FREE levels and 24 additional levels to purchase.

Platform:  iOS (iPhone/iTouch/iPad)

Release:  5/16/19


Playing the Game

USA 2020 Presidential Election Levels and Theme!  With the USA 2020 Presidential Election around the corner, we want to raise awareness that there are a lot of options for presidential candidates. In the new special level, Select your favorite candidate from the Democratic, Green, Libertarian, Independent, or Republican Party...send them through new mazes and onto White House!  Who knows, maybe it will help them WIN?!?  We also recommend you visit the Candidate's or Party's official website to find out more about their platforms, learn about who they are, and if they would make a good candidate. And remember to vote in the primaries and elections!  Enjoy!

Select your level of difficulty. Tilt your device to roll the ball. Use helpful items and avoid danger. Make it to the end, before time runs out, to win and advance to the next level.

Includes 12 FREE Levels, plus increase your skills by adding over 24 Levels available for a single price.

Great game to play on your own, or take turns with Friends and Family to see who can complete each maze the quickest.

More fun and crazy levels being created regularly!


Classic ball maze

Classic Ball Maze - 2020 Presidential Election Edition!