11 Best Paranormal apps for Android & iOS

Are you a fan of paranormal events? Who cares! Check our list of best paranormal apps for Android and iOS devices. There are some scanners and ghost radar apps, so it should be fun!

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Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner

This app was made for those who are interested in paranormal investigations and records. This EMF detector is fun and easy to use. Still, it is not just a game since you can use real measurements using the magnetometer sensor of your device.

Automated EMF recording for long-time measurements is built-in in this application. Later you can analyze your data directly within the app with the help of interactive charts.

What else you can do is a gauge showing real-time EMF magnitude measurement, there is a diagram showing real-time measurement of EMF strength in all three dimensions. Simulated measurements can be activated from the Settings screen, responsive UI with full support for all screen sizes and device orientations.

Now you have a chance to use special equipment for paranormal investigations just like all those Ghosts Hunters you have seen in movies. If there is a presence of spirits, ghosts and otherworldly entities you will find out first. The thing is that special detectors and gadgets for professionals are often very expensive, but the aspect that we do not know is that our phones also have that sensor and magnetometer which measures electromagnetic fields and which is able to detect the paranormal power.

An EMF is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It is similar to the gravity, which is one of the basic forces of our planet, and although it has never been scientifically proven, many believe that paranormal entities can emanate, influence and distort magnetic fields. There is also a possibility to turn on or turn down the sound while searching.

So if you want to get the precise data on ghost and supernatural forces you should carefully watch this screen while using the app. This app will turn your phone into the perfect EMF scanner. After collecting data, you can analyze it within the app.



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PAIRS Spirit Box

This is the app created by developers from 3 different countries: Spain, UK, and India. Different modes are available in the usage of this app: A, B, and C. The developers were inspired by ancient Veda and Mahabharta scripts for creating Spirit Box.

The feature of PAIRS Spirit Box is that you can seek ghosts from the distance. The wide display allows you to see the picture in detail. It is important to set your phone on the airplane mode and switch off your Bluetooth before launching this app.

It includes a lot of options that will allow you to get in contact with the parallel worlds. As your gadget detects any action or movement your screen will glow with the light of different colors.  Each color represents a 20% increase/decrease in EMF readings.

In this app, you can have 2 ways of conversations with the paranormal. You can ask them, if they want you to leave, for example. The interface is quite simple to use just do not forget to apply some settings before installation of the app.


 EVP Recorder – Spotted Ghosts

When you are haunting ghosts this tool is for you. EVP recorder is created for paranormal investigations. This app does not guarantee that ghosts will speak to you directly through it so do not expect some extraordinary miracles because of it. All the recordings that you made will be placed in the “EVP recording folder”.

Later you can convert these into mp3. format and share them. These apps recently were used during the TV show which is called Celebrity Haunted Hotel. You can make your recordings by sessions and then listen to them and analyze if there is a supernatural power at your place.

The app is quite easy in usage, All you have to do is to install it, launch it and then start recording. All the fluctuations will be displayed on the diagram. After you can press play and listen in the same time. On the other page, you have a list of your recordings and the list of messengers that you can apply to send those records.


Ghost Finder – Paranormal Discovery Tracker Hunter

Another prank app. This Ghost Finder cannot be used as a real tool for haunting ghosts, the ultimate goal of it is to have fun and spend a good time. You can choose how to use it yourself actually. But the developers recommend pranking your friends with this app. As you launch it you turn on the camera and view the surrounding world.

At a certain moment, the app creates a vision (a cloud for example) which identifies some paranormal activity around someone or something. Then the radar shows it has found a supernatural power.

To make this task even more exciting you can upgrade settings, for instance, set up the frequency, detection, impedance, signal timeout, and capacitance options.

The interface of the app is rather interestingly made – it combines matrix elements with wavy features. Here you also can play all your past recordings even though it is just for fun.


 Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC

This is one of the most popular Ghost Haunting apps in the digital world. It uses various possibilities and sensors of your device to detect paranormal activity. The main feature of it is that it distinguishes from those ghost-hunting equipment which usually can be fooled by a simple burst of energy.

This app has the ability to analyze interesting sports and divide them into categories. When you are in the process of searching the voice can inform you about the supernatural activity. Even though all the findings cannot be proved scientifically, some of them can be sufficient enough to be considered as a real-life experience.

But in general, this app is just for fun. The interface of the app looks tricky and difficult to use. There are no extra functions so this is for those who prefer classic elements while working with the application.


 Ghost Radar®: LEGACY

And this version of the previous app which has some upgrades. As always is made to detect paranormal activity by making various reading on the device. Here you will find some pleasant differences from the previous version: first of all, it has a better interface for advanced users.

What it more, the app can translate energy into words and translate it to the indicators or numeric values. It is also can be displayed graphically. The setting is more advanced and improved so now you have more possibilities to make this app more convenient for your taste. Multi-language is a good bonus.

As you launch the app you go straight to the setting screen where you can set up some option and then start your investigations. All the changes will be displayed on your radars according to the previous options you made on the menu. So have fun looking for ghosts!


 Ultimate EMF Detector Free

This app is the EMF detector that works accurately and securely using the sensors of your device. It has magnetic field B in microTesla, gauss and milliGauss, and auxiliary field H in ampere per meter. Moreover, in the Ultimate EMF detector, you will find the classic EMF meter with the needle and LEDs.

Surprise your friends with what your phone can do using this app! And it can really impress them since some people really do believe that changes in EMF mean paranormal activities.

Thanks to the new design of the app it has impressive graphics and high accuracy which show fluctuations of the energy and magnetic fields in different places. What is more, the interface is simple so new users will find it easy to understand the controlling.

This app uses the magnetic sensor (compass) of your phone and displays the reading with a line of LEDs and a classic needle meter. You can switch between units of measurement (uTesla and Gauss) and change the range of measurements from the settings.

Change the settings and then measure magnetic and electromagnetic waves, the earth’s geomagnetic field. EMF studying is not the only purpose of this app. It can also detect magnets, metals, and devices. Just remember if your phone does not have the magnetic sensor this app will not work.


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Ghost Detector Camera

This app has gained its popularity thanks to its atmosphere it can create. And it is true, using this app even those who do not believe in ghosts of afraid of them, will be interested in the process because this Ghost Detector found a way to make it really authentic. As always this detector uses the real EMF waves to find some weird activities around.

This app has amazing graphics and all you have to do is to switch in your camera. The whole action will be completed by cool sound effects. You just walk around the place until your app finds a spirit – you will see it on the screen. Pan your device from left to right and keep an eye on the ghost proximity indicator.

It is easy to use with its minimal number of settings because it is mainly made for fun. The interface again is very beautiful with a rustic touch that makes the process of searching ghosts even more striking.


Ghost Detector – Haunted Radar




For those who are planning to get this thing for real, there is an app that will turn your phone into a detector of paranormal activities. Are you so brave to explore all the places where the ghosts can be caught and prove to the world they are real?

Or maybe you have noticed lately there is something wrong going on in your house and you want to know for sure? iOvilus will help you to detect all the strange and paranormal activities in the air! First, you have to adjust the settings according to the surrounding so it would be easier for the app to detect a ghost.

Then you can use your phone as a detector and start your investigation. Some people might get skeptical at this point, and yes, there is no proof that this app actually works, however, the reviews say it is quite a creepy app.



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