9 Best Apps to Mirror / Flip Video on Android & iOS

Video making has become extremely popular nowadays. Each person from an early age holds the mobile device that is capable of making a high-quality video. Moreover, there are tons of different applications and platforms where you can upload your videos and even count likes.

Needless to say that there is also a huge amount of video editing programs for desktops and apps for mobiles and tablets. There are professional and amateur ones. There are paid and free. Everything is for one liking.

However, not each app features a number of possible tools for video editing. For example, there are apps that created just to make slow-motion videos. You can check them here.

In this article, we have decided to have a closer look at video editing apps featuring one of the most interesting and exciting tools -flipping or mirroring the video. Such an effect is adding to the video unique sense, the outrageous impression, and will keep your eye on the video. You will make more outstanding videos for your own collection or to add to your video blog.

Here the list of 9 best apps to mirror or to flip video for Android and iOS.

Flip Video FX

flipvideo FX2Flip Video app has occupied the first place in our list. The app was created by polish development just for Android devices for some reason we can’t know. Anyway, the app has gained huge popularity and can be proud of having a high rating. It is free with in-app purchases and advertisements.

The main feature of the app is to flip or mirror the video. It usually flips videos fast but it also depends on the size of the video. So, videos of high quality may take time to process the flipping process.

flipvideo FX flipvideo FX1

The app allows us to upload the video from the device library or to record it through the app itself.

Besides flipping videos the app allows you to cut it in any way you like. So rotate videos and cut them to be used at any time for any of your personal purposes.


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rfvRFV is an app with just one simple feature. In case your video has the wrong orientation you can mirror it horizontally or even vertically. If your recorded video has wrong orientation from the beginning. Or you didn’t notice while was recording RFV can help you with this problem. Moreover, the app is free to download for iOS and Android devices.

rfv1 rfv1

The app has a very easy and user-friendly interface that has a dark mode. IF you recorded your video sideways this free app is a perfect solution. Many users found the app convenient due to its free service, a few memory spaces required, and the absence of annoying pop-up ads. There are no watermarks on videos as well.


Video rotate + flip video easy

Video rotateVideo rotate + flip is an iOS platform based application for an easy video rotation. Fliping the video sometimes can be a matter of high importance. Very often we record videos in a rash because the moment has to be captured fast. We do not notice the position of the device during recording and the final orientation of a video.

Video rotate1 Video rotate2

At the age of digital progress, we can’t just simply leave our videos in a wrong orientation because there are many video editors that can help with it. However, they may be huge and expensive. While we need only one feature. Surely it should be free to use. A video rotates app is an easy way to flip the video vertically or horizontally. It won’t take much time to download the app and to flip the video itself.

Most of the comments are positive praising the app and the developers for providing such an easy way to mirror videos.


Video Slimmer App

Video SlimmerVideo Slimmer App can be called a professional app video editor app due to the number of eminent features it offers, The app allows to rotate video horizontally or vertically in case you recorded it in the wrong orientation or there are some problems with your device. Or you simply want to mirror the video thinking it will be much better.

However, besides flipping the app allows shrinking videos in case they are too heavy and occupies much space. This may be necessary if you keep them all on the device or you need to upload it somewhere with size restrictions. Compress your videos without losing the quality.

Video Slimmer1 Video Slimmer2

The app also allows us to customize the video, split it or merger, change the dimension ( height and width).

As you can see the app is powerful enough with all features you may need for enhancing the video characteristics. However, the app is not free and required a one-time payment that actually is too small to discuss it.


Fast Video Rotate Trial

Fast VideoFast Video rotate Trial is an app that lets you correct your wrong video orientation horizontally or vertically. It lets you turn the video sideways or upside down. The developers left some notes for users. For example, it is impossible to upload the video from the memory card in your device. Firstly, move the video into your device`s memory and them the app will find it.

Fast Video

Also, as the name says it is only a trial version that lets to mirror or flip only one video. In case you need to rotate more videos buy the full version of the app. It can be considered as a fair note because after the first video you will see if the app deserves to use constantly or not. Then pay for it as each good effort has to be paid.

The app can rotate videos by 90, 180, 270 degrees.


Crop Video Square Editor

Crop VideoCrop Video Square Editor is yet another great application with not just one feature. OF course, it can rotate and flip videos upside down as we need. But it also can do other things like cropping, cutting, adding music and etc. First of all, flipping the video became very easy with this app. Simply tap the video and rotate left or right. This way it allows you to flip the video by any degree not just 90 or 180.

Crop Video Crop Video2

It also can add a slow-motion effect to the video you have. Then cut it and add music and you have a ready video to upload to yu your Instagram account or TikTok.

Upload the video from your phone memory to the app and then start editing. Surprisingly the app lets also to zoom in or out videos.

The app has ads and adds watermarks. In case you need to get rid of both of them proceed with the appropriate payment. There is a free version of the app but some features ar need to be paid in order to get them.


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Mirror Photo Video Maker


Echo Magic Mirror Video Maker

Echo MagicEcho Magic Mirror app offers a mirror video effect. The app doesn’t let you simply flip the video. It helps only to create short videos with the effect of the mirror. After that these small videos can be added to one big with another app. However, the pure mirror video effect can be a very exciting feature. It will add a special sense to your video making it stand out of the crow.

Echo Magic1 Echo Magic2

If you usually sharing videos on Instagram, Facebook, or other social websites you can add this effect to your nest video to attract more likes. The app is available only for Android devices and it is free to download. However, it has some ads but nothing more.


Flip Video, Video Cutter

Flip VideoFlip Video, Video Cutter is a free app with just to features. You can either flip the video in any direction or crop the video if it is small. The app is available for Android devices only. It has some ads and nothing more. It can turn or rotate the video horizontally or vertically.

The process is very easy and not time-consuming. Choose the video from your phone gallery, choose the rotation option, and save it back to your device. There is an option also to save video directly from the app to any social websites like Instagram.

Flip Video1 Flip Video2


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