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My name is Roman.  I started Deku Apps  because I wanted to show my kids what it takes to create the apps they use and hopefully fuel their interest for technology in a positive way.

Deku Apps is all about fun and easy to use mobile apps.  We'll never collect any of your personal data in any way, that's why we don't use mobile ads in our apps.  

We really enjoy creating these apps and welcome constructive feedback on how they can be improved.

All profits from app purchases will go to fund college tuitions and as donations to programs that help kids learn about technology. 

For information about where we donate, see Charity section below.


5/17/19 Update:

I'm working on redesigning Eli's Learn & Play with some new ideas and new coding development I just learned.  Coming Soon!

5/16/19 Update:

Classic Ball Maze 

Available Now on the App Store!

Labyrinth style ball maze where you tilt your device to roll the ball.

Includes 12 FREE Levels, plus add over 24 Levels for only $0.99

Great game to play on your own, or take turns with Friends and Family to see who can complete each maze the quickest.

More fun and crazy levels being created regularly!





Our Family donates annually to educational programs at MIT.  We review their campaigns and programs, and give to the ones we feel help support technology education.

Click below to learn more about their programs.

Donate to MIT Programs


Classic Ball Maze

Available Now

Platforms:  iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Release Date:  5/16/19

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Eli's Learn & Play Lite & Full Versions

Available Now

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Release Date: 9/11/2018

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Random Meals

Available Now

Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Release Date:  5/23/2018

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Forget Me Not Calendar


We are currently working on redesigning the 'Forget Me Not Calendar' App

Platforms:  iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad)

Release Date: 4/3/2018

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